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The art and skill of changing speeds and location are what separate the pros from the rest of us. Grip concentration and proper grip mechanics help pitchers excel and progress to the next level. Gripz's purpose is to teach coaches and parents at any level how to properly grip any pitch easily and properly. Every Gripz ball has its own unique set of finger grooves that allow the pitcher to feel the accurate finger positioning for every pitch and is designed to work easily with any pitching routine. Simply grip, hold and throw the ball to learn the release point and get the feel of the pitch. Feel the grooves and let the ball do the work. Br providing parents and coaches the ability to teach and players the proper grip mechanics using the innovative Gripz Baseball Training System anyone can learn to pitch. Whether using Gripz for backyard fun or preparing for the big game, trust our brand to create a new school, new style of future All Stars. Get in your groove with the Gripz pitching system.

Gripz Baseballs