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George Kovacs by Minka

George Kovacs by Minka

For over four decades, George Kovacs has been a name synonomous with contemporary design. George Kovacs is a pioneer in the fusion of clean lines with unexpected twists and curves, resulting in pieces that had a modern appeal with a retro flavor. George Kovacs designed and manufactured his products from his facility in Brooklyn, NY up until a few years ago. His studio, designs, and naming rights were purchased by the Minka Group and his collection was incorporated as a stand-alone grouping.

Although the products are now imported, the design heritage remains the same. George Kovacs lighting remains at the forefront of cutting edge contemporary style, and he retains a team of renowned designers, including George Kovacs himself, Rachel Simon, Karim Rashid, and Alecia Wesner. These lighting experts have designed a wide selection of wall sconces, pendants, ceiling lights, bath lighting, table lamps and floor lamps.

There is nothing better than a Kovacs light for today's modern home decor. Be sure to browse the Kovacs line of lighting and be astonished by the intriguing and forward-looking aspects of cutting edge design and technology. Defined by unusual elements fused with a popular vision of what modern means, his lighting creates an individual and powerful sense of space no matter where it is placed.

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George Kovacs by Minka
George Kovacs by Minka presents a beautiful line of home and commercial lighting. From wall lights and ceiling lights to lamps and track lighting, George Kovacs lighting collections are perfect for any room in your home. Blending contemporary design with refined style, these lamps, sconces and lighting accessories will bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your lighting design.
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