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Fuel & Firestarters

Fuel & Firestarters

Charcoal Charcoal (16)

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Empty Propane Tank Empty Propane Tank   5 stars
This is a heavy well designed tank, we like it very much
- Charis in Summerdale, AL

Magnesium Fire Starter Magnesium Fire Starter   5 stars
This works amazingly well, EVEN IN THE SNOW!!! It's a great backup to traditional starters, and can be used in conjunction with them! Love it love it!
- Jill in Wheaton, IL

Waterproof Matches Waterproof Matches   5 stars
I have only used these a couple times and even got the matches a little wet to try out the waterproof function and they worked just fine. They strike easy and are waterproof, exactly as described.
- Jake in Seattle, WA

Outlander Butane Fuel Outlander Butane Fuel   4 stars
The product is very good we are using it without any problem.
- premier buyer in U.S.A.

Plastic Matchbox Plastic Matchbox   4 stars
Use to have one of these years ago. Purchased one for each of our bug out bags. Even came with matches. Suggest purchasing waterproof matches thought. Pros: Bright and easy to spot.
- Karen in Sheridan, OR

Steven Raichlen Cast Aluminum Charcoal and Ash Scoop Steven Raichlen Cast Aluminum Charcoal and Ash Scoop   5 stars
Nice and large scoop, good weight, perfect for charcoal. Holds alot. I use it my BBQ and Smoker. And it scoops out the ashes easily, also use for my wood stove.
- Jackie in Thunder Bay, ON

Chimney Grill Starter Chimney Grill Starter   4 stars
I had one of these before. It allows you to light a fire without using the harmful fire starter fluid. This one is a little thinner but works great.

8.5 lbs Mesquite Charcoal Briquets 8.5 lbs Mesquite Charcoal Briquets   4 stars
This product was easy to light and burned well for a while. Very pleased with the product and would purchase again.
- Karyn in Springvale, ME

Firestarters 12 Count Firestarters 12 Count   5 stars
Quick Compact Storage and easy way to start your fire . I purchased as a gift mainly for use with the outdoor fire pit , but works equally well and fast with the indoor fireplace. Huge plus for me
- Konas grandma in MI

Refill Bag Fatwood Caddy Refill Bag Fatwood Caddy   5 stars
Every home with a woodstove shouldn't be without this! It's an absolutely necessity and will make your life a whole lot easier! Well, it will make starting that fire in the stove a whole lot easier
- Alistair in Illinois

Magnesium Fire Starting Tool Magnesium Fire Starting Tool   5 stars
Bought two of these for camping or a "just in case" scenario. They are easy to use and work well.
- Mike Cross in Alamance, NC

Lump Charcoal Lump Charcoal
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