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Chimney Charcoal Starter Chimney Charcoal Starter   5 stars
I am a very good online shopper and work very hard at doing my homework when I buy somethings. I think this charcoal chimney is great. It has side holes that really help the fire heat up fast.
- Leslie in Fletcher, NC

Lighter Cubes Lighter Cubes   5 stars
Stock these for winter time wood stove in shop. Always great to start fires quickly and safely! Pros: inexpensive and easy to use Cons: none

Chimney Grill Starter Chimney Grill Starter   5 stars
I didn't go looking for this, but it came up as suggested after we purchased out new grill. LOVE IT! 40 yrs old and never have tried doing coals this way. We will NEVER go back. This is fantastic! For
- kathleen.hep.spoon in Springfield, IL

6.8 lbs Whiskey Barrel Charcoal Briquets 6.8 lbs Whiskey Barrel Charcoal Briquets   4 stars
My husband loves his jack daniels and cooking in his smoker. Have yet to try these out. Pros: good value
- Erica in Stroudsburg, PA

Empty Propane Tank Empty Propane Tank   5 stars
This is a heavy well designed tank, we like it very much
- Charis in Summerdale, AL

Magnesium Fire Starter Magnesium Fire Starter   5 stars
This works amazingly well, EVEN IN THE SNOW!!! It's a great backup to traditional starters, and can be used in conjunction with them! Love it love it!
- Jill in Wheaton, IL

Waterproof Matches Waterproof Matches   5 stars
I have only used these a couple times and even got the matches a little wet to try out the waterproof function and they worked just fine. They strike easy and are waterproof, exactly as described.
- Jake in Seattle, WA

Outlander Butane Fuel Outlander Butane Fuel   4 stars
The product is very good we are using it without any problem.
- premier buyer in U.S.A.

Steven Raichlen Cast Aluminum Charcoal and Ash Scoop Steven Raichlen Cast Aluminum Charcoal and Ash Scoop   5 stars
Nice and large scoop, good weight, perfect for charcoal. Holds alot. I use it my BBQ and Smoker. And it scoops out the ashes easily, also use for my wood stove.
- Jackie in Thunder Bay, ON

Chimney Grill Starter Chimney Grill Starter   4 stars
I had one of these before. It allows you to light a fire without using the harmful fire starter fluid. This one is a little thinner but works great.

Steven Raichlen Ultimate Square Chimney Starter Steven Raichlen Ultimate Square Chimney Starter   5 stars
Very sturdy, no assembly required. Very good quality. Awesome product will recommend.

8.5 lbs Mesquite Charcoal Briquets 8.5 lbs Mesquite Charcoal Briquets   4 stars
This product was easy to light and burned well for a while. Very pleased with the product and would purchase again.
- Karyn in Springvale, ME

Firestarters 12 Count Firestarters 12 Count   5 stars
Quick Compact Storage and easy way to start your fire . I purchased as a gift mainly for use with the outdoor fire pit , but works equally well and fast with the indoor fireplace. Huge plus for me
- Konas grandma in MI

Refill Bag Fatwood Caddy Refill Bag Fatwood Caddy   5 stars
Every home with a woodstove shouldn't be without this! It's an absolutely necessity and will make your life a whole lot easier! Well, it will make starting that fire in the stove a whole lot easier
- Alistair in Illinois

Magnesium Fire Starting Tool Magnesium Fire Starting Tool   5 stars
Bought two of these for camping or a "just in case" scenario. They are easy to use and work well.
- Mike Cross in Alamance, NC

Lump Charcoal Lump Charcoal
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