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With the FoodSaver® system, you can save food and keep it fresh up to five times longer. In fact, the food wasted by the average American in a year would feed another American for over a month! Using a FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealer removes the air from specially-designed bags and canisters to lock our air and moisture, keeping your food fresh and saving you money.

Air is the enemy of freshness. Air causes oxidation, which robs food of fresh taste and can create “off” flavors, textures and odors. Plus, air causes dehydration which can harden foods (especially meats) and cause freezer burn. Mold and bacteria can grow as a result of exposure to air and cause food spoilage.

Not only do FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealers remove air, but FoodSaver® Bags are specially designed to keep air out. The multiple layers in each bag ensure that air does not leak out over time, keeping your food fresh and delicious even during long-term storage.