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The Flybar product line is a collaboration amongst SBI Enterprises, Bruce Middleton, and Andy Macdonald. SBI Enterprises, located in Ellenville, NY, is the original inventor of the Pogo Stick. Since 1918 they've sold tens of millions of them. In their 87 years of business, one thing has remained constant: the classic pogo design. This, however changed in August of 2000, when SBI Enterprises was approached by Bruce Middleton, an MIT trained physicist and inventor. Bruce told SBI that he had developed a technology that would bring the pogo stick into the 21st century. By replacing the steel spring of a traditional pogo with a patented system of rubber spring elements, SBI and Bruce Middleton transformed the pogo stick from a balance-challenging toy to a gravity defying sport. Soon after SBI and Middleton joined forces, eight-time World Cup Champion skateboarder, Andy Macdonald, caught wind of the project and told SBI that he would love to come on board to help out. A lifelong pogo fan, Andy figured that if someone was going to reinvent the classic toy, he was eager to lend a hand and make sure that it was designed to his exacting specifications. Since then SBI, Bruce, and Andy have been working together to develop the Flybar line. After four years of intense R&D, they finally arrived at a product that would satisfy all of their exacting standards, the Flybar 1200. The pogo stick has been a beloved pastime of people all around the world since 1918. Team Flybar is incredibly proud to have reinvented one of the world's classics and to have introduced it into a new generation. Team Flybar is committed to the development of new Flybar models and related technologies for many years to come.