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Rocked by fashion trendsetters, tech influencers, award-winning musicians and professional athletes, Fanny Wang provides the most complete and customizable line of headphones in the marketplace. Their secret blend of high tech with high fashion allows you to truly amplify your sound. The line-up consists of the 1000 On Ear Series, the 2000 DJ Series and 3000 Over Ear Noise Canceling Series. If you truly want the most custom set of headphones on the market, then check out Fanny Wang Customs which cater to the tastes of even the most discerning audiophile or fastidious fashionista. Tuned to compliment urban hip hop while offering enough range to satisfy the diverse tastes of the modern music fan, Fanny Wangs deliver a professional-quality, crystal clear sound at an affordable price point. They have garnered both International and U.S. attention, receiving rave reviews and noted as one of the best gifts for music-lovers. Based in Silicon Valley, their team is comprised of executives with extensive experience in the design, fashion, branding and technology.

Fanny Wang

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