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Evriholder continues to bring innovative, new and unique products to retailers across the USA, Canada, and around the world.Our products represent all those things you never realized you needed but seem indispensable once you have them. Our Licensed Products portfolio includes powerful brands like Campbell’s, Pepperidge Farm, Crayola, Kellogg’s, Wonder and Hostess. Creating products with our internationally recognized brands is our mission and we bring you a multitude of items you need from the brands you love so you can enjoy them everyday. This range also represents the ingenuity of America's inventors who continue to seek better products and unique solutions to everyday problems.

FURemover Lint Mitt ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • 100% Natural rubber brush
  • Lifts hair like a magnet
  • Use wet or dry
  • Ideal for clothing, carpet, pets, upholstery, and even vehicles

FURemover Lint Mitt

by Evriholder


Fur Remover Broom ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Fur remover broom
  • 60" Telescoping handle
  • Grabs pet hair like a magnet
  • Perfect for cleaning windows
  • Bristles made from 100% rubber

Fur Remover Broom

by Evriholder

$24.99 $25.99

Auto Clip Hanger ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Clip hanger
  • Product Type: Hanger
  • Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 0.9
  • Overall Width - Side to Side: 6.25
  • Overall Depth - Front to Back: 4.5

Auto Clip Hanger

by Evriholder


Sponge Holder ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Sponge holder
  • Contemporary designed
  • Attaches with a suction cup to any sink, mirror, tile, or other non-porous surface
  • Placing the sponge into the holder keeps it dry, tidy, and ready to use

Sponge Holder

by Evriholder

$9.99 $18.99

Nana Saver Banana Preserving Clip ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Banana preserving clip
  • Attaches to the end of a cut banana reducing exposure to air
  • Keeps bananas fresh longer and reduces browning
  • Top rack dishwasher safe

Nana Saver Banana Preserving Clip

by Evriholder

$14.99 $27.82

Belt Organizer ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Portion Packer
  • Material: High quality nickel coated steel
  • Hangs from standard closet rail
  • Organize up to 40 belts
  • Permits quick selection and removal

Belt Organizer

by Evriholder

$18.99 $22.99

Coffee Clip ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Coffee clip
  • Folds over the end of any standard size coffee bag
  • Snaps into place to create a tight seal
  • Has a built in scoop on the end
  • Always handy for measuring the correct amount of coffee

Coffee Clip

by Evriholder

$11.99 $17.99

Cliplock Bag Clip (Set of 3) ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Set of 3 cliplocks
  • Unique plastic and freezer bag clips
  • Magnetic locks
  • Assorted colors
  • Product Type: Bag Clips

Cliplock Bag Clip (Set of 3)

by Evriholder

$12.99 $22.99

4 Piece Portion Packer Set ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Food storage container
  • Store fruit, vegetables, cookies crackers and snacks
  • Air tight seal
  • Microwave safe and dishwasher safe

4 Piece Portion Packer Set

by Evriholder

$13.99 $18.99

Sink Strainer ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Sink strainer
  • Help keep the strainer in place
  • The drain remains clog free
  • Keeps unwanted items from accidentally falling into the disposal

Sink Strainer

by Evriholder

$4.99 $31.95
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Assorted Colors Practi-Clip ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Set of 5 clips
  • Practical clips
  • Multi purpose
  • Use to reseal snack bags, juice cartons, and milk cartons

Assorted Colors Practi-Clip

by Evriholder

$14.99 $17.99

Egg Poacher ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Egg poacher
  • Create perfect poached eggs in minutes
  • Simple to use
  • Made from resilient silicone
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 500° fahrenheit

Egg Poacher

by Evriholder

$8.99 $20.99

Easi Twist Jar Opener ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Jar opener
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Fits comfortably in the palm
  • Provides leverage
  • Helps to open virtually any jar lid or cap

Easi Twist Jar Opener

by Evriholder

$21.99 $22.99

10x Magnification Macro Mirror (Set of 12) ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Carded
  • Distortion free glass
  • 10 Times magnification
  • Perfect for eyebrow tweezing, make-up application and contact lens insertion

10x Magnification Macro Mirror (Set of 12)

by Evriholder

$143.88 $148.68
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Bag Cutter Clip Magnet ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Clip magnet
  • Unique multi-functional product
  • Functions as a bag clutter, bag clip and fridge magnet
  • Concealed safety cutting blade hidden inside the clip

Bag Cutter Clip Magnet

by Evriholder

$14.99 $27.17

Multi Purpose Four Way Opener ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Multifunction tool
  • Opens bottles with metal capped tops and plastic or metal screw tops
  • Can also open soda cans and pop jar lids
  • Fitted with soft, comfortable non-slip grips

Multi Purpose Four Way Opener

by Evriholder

$15.99 $25.33

3 Position Magic Mop Holder ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Mop holder
  • Designed to hold various household stick goods
  • Handles of varying thicknesses
  • Simply insert handle into a slot
  • Gravity controlled rolling ball

3 Position Magic Mop Holder

by Evriholder

$30.99 $31.99

FuRemover Regular Size Rubber Brush ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Rubber brush
  • Regular size
  • Ideal for removing hair, lint, and dust, from pets, clothing, upholstery, carpets and rugs
  • Can also be used wet to clean cars, boats and caravans

FuRemover Regular Size Rubber Brush

by Evriholder

$21.45 $27.45

Large Cable Zipper ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Cable zipper
  • Large size
  • Use in the home or office
  • Zips into the cord organizer in one simple motion
  • Organize multiple cords and wires into one neat and flexible tube

Large Cable Zipper

by Evriholder


Lemon Juicer ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Innovative fun design
  • Recipes Included: No
  • Pitcher Included: No
  • Cup Included: No
  • Space saver in the kitchen

Lemon Juicer

by Evriholder

$13.99 $22.99

Sockerpro Sock Holder ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Set of 10 socks holders
  • Ultimate solution for keeping socks organized
  • No more sorting and matching
  • No more missing socks
  • Soft, flexible and safe through washer and dryer

Sockerpro Sock Holder

by Evriholder

$13.99 $20.99

Pour'N Store Bottle Stopper ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Unique design
  • Attaches inside the neck of any standard wine bottle
  • Reduces drips and spills dramatically
  • Pops over the spout to keep the wine fresh

Pour'N Store Bottle Stopper

by Evriholder

$14.99 $29.06

96" Cable Zipper Complete Cable and Wire Management System ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Cable and wire management system
  • Manages multiple wires into one neat flexible cable
  • Includes 96" cable zipper, zip clip, 2 wall mounts, and 12 pairs of labels

96" Cable Zipper Complete Cable and Wire Management System

by Evriholder

$29.99 $33.99

Egg Splitting and Separating Tool ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Egg splitting and separating tool
  • Attaches to the side of bowls
  • Incredibly simple to use
  • Leaving your hands free for other tasks
  • Made from food safe plastic

Egg Splitting and Separating Tool

by Evriholder

$8.55 $18.00

Battery Storage Rack ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • All hardware necessary for wall mounting is included with this battery organizer and holder
  • Battery storage rack
  • Holds up to 26 batteries
  • Can stand on counter or desk

Battery Storage Rack

by Evriholder

$27.99 $30.99

Tuna and Veggie Press and Strainer ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Unique design
  • Works with canned fish, meat, vegetable and fruit
  • Inner and outer discs interlock cleverly
  • Make the unit usable on both large and small cans
  • Contemporary design with a wave-shaped handle

Tuna and Veggie Press and Strainer

by Evriholder

$11.99 $19.99

Twirl-a-Belt ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Twirl-a-belt
  • Stylish design
  • Holds multiple belts
  • Anti-slip arms
  • Fits all closet rails


by Evriholder

$9.99 $19.99

Kitchen Timer ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Kitchen timer
  • Distinctive design
  • Multiple uses
  • Magnetic and can be attached to kitchen appliances
The Evriholder Kitchen Timer allows you to set an alarm at every step of an elaborate recipe till completion. It is available in multiple finishes for you to...

Kitchen Timer

by Evriholder


Chenille Duster ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Chenille duster
  • Handles a variety of household cleaning tasks
  • Microfiber fingers attract dust and dirt
  • No need for household chemicals
  • Can be used repeatedly

Chenille Duster

by Evriholder

$16.09 $24.36

Glass Washer with Double Sided Bristle Brush ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Double sided bristle brush
  • Attaches firmly with suction cups
  • Stays firmly positioned
  • Cleans both sides of the glass at once
  • Cleans those hard to reach areas

Glass Washer with Double Sided Bristle Brush

by Evriholder

$16.45 $24.95

Bottle Stopper and Opener (Set of 2) ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Set of 2 bottle stoppers
  • Creates an excellent seal
  • Help to keep the contents fresher longer
  • Simply snap the lever down to seal
  • Regular bottle stopper

Bottle Stopper and Opener (Set of 2)

by Evriholder

$11.45 $18.99

HB Heatbeater Trivet ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Made of flexible and non slip silicon
  • Carded
  • Works great as a pot pad or trivet
  • Dishwasher safe and FDA approved
  • Unique silicon trivet is heat resistant to 500º F

HB Heatbeater Trivet

by Evriholder

$14.99 $20.99

3-in-1 Corkscrew ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Also acts as a foil cutter, and bottle stopper
  • Easy to use
  • Available in assorted colors
  • Ideal for use in kitchens, restaurants, bars, and at picnics and parties

3-in-1 Corkscrew

by Evriholder

$15.99 $22.99

Safe Slice Knife Guard ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Knife guard
  • Innovative kitchen tool
  • Soft flexible thermoplastic fingertip grips
  • Provide a firm grip on food
  • Hard plastic shield protects fingers as you slice and dice

Safe Slice Knife Guard

by Evriholder

$14.99 $21.99

Pump'N Serve Bottle Stopper ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Upscale design
  • Built in pump
  • Removes air from an open bottle
  • Keeps wine fresh for long
  • Doubles as a wine stopper

Pump'N Serve Bottle Stopper

by Evriholder

$16.95 $20.95

Fuzzy Fingers Cleaning Pads ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Cleaning pads
  • Microfiber cleaning pads
  • Fit comfortably on your fingertips
  • Deliver a surprisingly powerful cleaning punch
  • Chenille and suedette microfiber

Fuzzy Fingers Cleaning Pads

by Evriholder


Multi Purpose Plastic Scissors ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Plastic scissors
  • Multi functional
  • Combine 12 uses into one convenient tool
  • Great for home or camping
  • Blades easily detach and reattach

Multi Purpose Plastic Scissors

by Evriholder

$14.99 $20.99

Scrub N' Rub Cleaning Pad (Set of 3) ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Set of 3 pads
  • Long lasting
  • Double sided
  • Clean, scrub, and polish
  • Won't scratch or scuff

Scrub N' Rub Cleaning Pad (Set of 3)

by Evriholder