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Over the past 80 years, the EarthBox family has grown literally tons of vegetables on their family farm. Their produce is shipped across the nation and around the world. EarthBox made many scientific breakthroughs in growing technology during that time, but none compare to the breakthrough they made with The EarthBox: higher yields, minimum maintenance, and gardening that is simple and friendly to our environment.

More than a decade of dedicated scientific work has gone into developing the EarthBox. The result is a gardening system so simple and carefree, that anyone, no matter where they live, can enjoy healthful homegrown vegetables-without guesswork and toil.

The EarthBox is a completely new and simple way to garden growing system is unique from any other growing method. The fertilizer remains on top of the soil and the water comes from the bottom. While this may seem unusual, their scientific research proves that The EarthBox system provides the best possible growing environment for plants, and yet it's so simple to use.