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Since 2003, DoggyRide has been the pioneer in dog bike trailers, and in some markets, the term has become synonamous with taking your dog on a bike ride. Enjoy the ride together. Whether it is a ride to the park, a bike vacation trip, or a cross country (or world) trek, the DoggyRide has proven to be the most reliable dog bike trailer or stroller available.

It all started early 2003 when an avid biker and dog lover was trying to find a way to haul his dog to and from his daily visit to an off-leash dog park. He noticed someone with a dog put in bike trailer made for children, so why not design and build one for dogs? He did some research and contacted a factory that would make a prototype. Once he started this prototype, several people positively commented about the idea, so he decided to try a production batch to sell in his mother country, the Netherlands, a bicycle-centric market that could accept the idea more easily - and it did. It became an instant success, with the brand name becoming synonamous with biking with your dog.

All DoggyRide products are patented and tested according to safety standards. Over the years, some knock-offs have popped up on the market. Nevertheless, they have continued innovation to make their products the safest, most convenient and versatile dog bike trailers in the market. Together with many, many users around the world they say - "Go DoggyRide!"