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DiaperBuds™ were developed by three sisters, all working moms, with nine kids between them. Their need for a diaper product that is both compact and hygienic inspired the creation of DiaperBuds™. It may have been the time that one of them took a diaper out of her bag with a lollipop stuck to it that really kicked it off!

Their vision was clear—to engineer a process that will compact diapers into a small package that saved space and kept the diapers clean in transit.

The three moms set out on a mission to make it happen. They developed a unique folding process that would not compromise the absorbent diaper ‘core’ and identified the machinery to shrink-wrap the diaper to a reduced size. Three years later, after several rounds of prototyping and much research, they assembled a team of professionals with the expertise to help execute their vision.

Next, they tested DiaperBuds™ to be sure the diapers maintained their performance and quality after packaging. The test was successful – the diapers were opened and they bloomed right back to full capacity. DiaperBuds™ also passed the absorbency test. Success was at hand.

Last, but certainly not least, DiaperBuds™ were put to the ultimate test. Consumers were asked to sample DiaperBuds™ and voice their opinion. It was no surprise that moms across the country found DiaperBuds™ to be a much needed convenience – one that they would be happy to keep on hand at all times.

DiaperBuds™ were developed by moms who feel that a little convenience goes a long way.

Diaper Buds