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Deer Scram deer and rabbit repellent was developed in northeast Pennsylvania, 10 miles from the Deer Scram offices, by one of the founders who is a farmer, a gardener, a landscaper, an outdoorsman and avid hunter.

He resides in the hills bordering the Pocono Mountains, a region legendary for its dense and aggressive deer population. Deer browsing was decimating his shrubbery, flowers and vegetable garden, but he had no intention of yielding his hard work and joy to the intruding animals.

After trying many commercial deer repellant products with little or no success, he began developing his own product for deer control. Utilizing his knowledge of science and agriculture, he focused on the habits, behavior and preferences of deer and experimented and tested various organic compounds he believed might deter their desire to even approach his plants. After years of trial and error, he hit on an all-natural, organic formula that met -- then exceeded -- his expectations.

The Deer Scram team was formed to offer this remarkable product to others -- home gardeners, landscapers and commercial growers and nurserymen. At DEER SCRAM -- America's Finest Deer Repellentâ„¢ -- they promise to protect your landscape and garden investment from the damaging effects of hungry deer and rabbits.

Deer Scram