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Decorative Trunks

Decorative Trunks
Find a decorative trunk for your home. Shop our wide selection of stylish storage trunks.

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Decorative Trunks

Decorative storage trunks are the perfect solution for your home if you are looking for a functional coffee table that has a simple and traditional design. You can use decorative trunks or storage trunks as a coffee table, end table or to store blankets and other precious items. Decorative storage trunks are often made from sturdy woods like cedar or oak, which make them great for preserving keepsakes. You can find decorative storage trunks in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the needs of your home design.

decorative storage trunk styles
Decorative Storage Trunk Styles
You can find decorative storage trunks in a variety of styles, including traditional designs and modern adaptations. Decorative storage trunks are modeled after antique chests, so you want to make sure that you find a trunk that matches well with your home décor. Some trunks are simple in design with little to no embellishment and others come equipped with metal hardware and intricately carved designs.

decorative storage trunk finishes
Decorative Storage Trunk Finishes
It can be difficult to decide which trunk is right for your living room or bedroom, but finding a trunk that matches the stain of other furniture in your room is important. Decorative storage trunks come in a variety of woods and finishes, including cherry and oak. If you prefer darker furniture then you can find deeply stained wood with little embellishment to make a bold statement in your home. If you prefer subtle design, then you could choose a lighter wood finish with lightly carved designs.

wooden coffee table trunks
Wooden Coffee Table Trunks
Wooden coffee table trunks are perfect for your living room or wide entryway. In your living room, you can store snacks or even blankets for watching movies in a large chest. Trunks make good coffee tables because of their wide surface and sturdy base. A trunk coffee table is the perfect addition to your home if you are looking for extra storage space.

entryway trunks
Entryway Trunks
If you have a wide entryway, then you can use trunks to store shoes, umbrellas, or even place your keys in a small bowl on the top so you can find them easily in the morning. An entryway trunk is perfect for those who like to keep clutter out of sight. You can easily lift the top of a trunk to get access to your shoes, which makes it the perfect storage solution.

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