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"Like the beginnings of many companies, Crutch Remedy originated from a personal experience. I had a serious motorcycle accident which required ACL surgery. After hobbling around on crutches for a couple weeks, a significant problem arose: I developed painful bruises under my arms and on my hands from my crutch use. My recovery period was being slowed, despite trying different cushions and even resorting to wrapping my crutches in hand towels. Nothing worked, but then came an epiphany of sorts...Crutch Remedy. Together, William Hirsch and I collaborated to design a product that would offer a high degree of comfort for crutch users, something that was not even on the market. Through trial and error, and leveraging our knowledge of biomaterials and chemical engineering, we developed products that exceeded our original ideas. Today, we offer Crutch Remedy, a line of products that have been field-tested in doctor's offices, with family members and friends. We truly feel we have a superior comfort solution that will improve the recovery time of patients using crutches."

Crutch Remedy