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linen closet
We stocked this armoire with
organizing solutions and essentials that put a decadent spin on storage. 
Keep necessities out of sight—not out of mind. Lined bins conceal cleaning supplies and toilet paper.
Photos: Trevor Dixon

Put brackets to genius new use,  dividing shelves into separate units.

Nimble under-shelf bins take advantage of often-wasted space. 

Pretty ribbon offers polished presentation for sheets. Or store spare sheets in a basket with a cloth liner. 
Install a hook inside your armoire or closet door to hang a bathrobe.

Handled trays = easy-to-tote amenities. Platters move from closet to bathroom with grace, while glass jars render cotton balls and Q-tips luxurious.
Use boxes to store ribbons, sewing essentials, and other notions. 

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Get the look of this gorgeous, fully-stocked linen closet with these organizing must-haves.

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