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The ultimate space for summer
entertaining? An open-air dining room equipped with all the comforts of home. Make over a plain patio with these tips and product picks. 


A sealed canister keeps kitchen matches dry. 
Photos: Bjorn Wallander

A wooden picnic set feels less outdoorsy with the addition of an iron seat at the head of the table. 

The key to grounding this space? A handsome indoor-outdoor rug. 

Wooden containers—filled with plants and grasses—soften the perimeter, acting as a foil for the concrete floors.
These lanterns add the perfect amount of ambiance for outdoor dining. 

A potting bench serves as the perfect stand-in for a sideboard in this backyard haven. 
Don't settle for blank walls. Help your patio feel more like a real room with interesting wall decor. 

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Make over a plain patio with these product picks.

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