Special Nonexistent Furniture

side table
As practical as they are pretty,
these affordable finds add up to a porch with living room appeal!
A galvanized planter flipped upside down makes the perfect perch for a cold drink and a good read.
Photos: Victoria Pearson

Mix and match throw pillows to add color and print.

Shades on outdoor lamps should be made with durable outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella.

Curtains provide privacy and a burst of color. Choose a fabric that's treated for outdoor use. 
A daybed serves as both a sofa and a twin sleeper. Built-in drawers offer sneaky storage.

A folding table with vintage appeal is easy to stash after serving
mid-afternoon lemonade.
 Go green! Did you know that many outdoor rugs are made from recycled materials? 

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From daybeds and sofas to outdoor rugs and coffee tables, these picks will help you build a relaxing outdoor retreat.

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