Special Nonexistent Furniture

  • country bedroom


    Rugged wooden elements, such as a scuffed-up steamer trunk and repurposed barn door, pop against creamy walls. The fringed jute rug adds even more texture. 

    Photo: Max Kim-Bee

  • office


    A petite table doubles as a desk, paired with a weathered wrought-iron chair. Sheer curtain panels let light stream in. 

    Instead of an ordinary corkboard, the homeowners repurposed a bedspring as a clever memo board.
    Photos: Max Kim-Bee

  • living room

    Living Room

    Two sturdy lampshade frames and an old butcher block combine to form an eye-catching coffee table. A cowhide rug and pillows nod to the home's rural Texas location. 

    Going up! A galvanized metal arrow—a flea market find—adds graphic punch to the staircase.
    Photos: Max Kim-Bee

  • kitchen
    kitchen shelf


    Bright red accents enliven a white kitchen, where new construction is outfitted with country essentials like worn wooden shelves, canisters, and canning jars. 

    New glasses and dinnerware mingle with a vintage food scale and milk jug.
    Photos: Max Kim-Bee

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