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  • living room

    Living Room

    Proof bold hues aren't the only way to create contrast? This study in rich textures and subtle patterns. Note the mix of weathered wood, nubby linens, and metals, plus the pillow's stripes and curtain's swirly script. 

  • dining room

    Dining Room

    To bring symmetry to the oddly-shaped dining room, the homeowners flanked the window with two identical cupboards and repeated the same metal chairs and suzani rugs on either side of the table. 


    For easy access, display your favorite plates and glasses in the dining room.
    Photos: Aimee Herring

  • bedroom


    A monochromatic paint job lengthens the lines of the sloped ceilings, rather than chopping the room up. A host of patterns--stripes, tie-dye, patchwork--play well together in shades of yellow and blue. 

  • home office

    Home Office

    Furnishings that don't eat up too much visual room--airy metal chairs, a simple desk, and a task lamp--make this landing area feel more spacious. The chairs are softened by sheepskins, and a banded jute rug defines the space.

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