Special Nonexistent Furniture

  • Mantel
    A white Christmas has never looked so good. This sophisticated marble fireplace—decked out with burlap stockings, mercury glass vases, and a jingle bell wreath—is proof that you don't have to stick to a red and green color palette this season. 

    Photos: John Gruen

  • Living Room
    Metallic decorations pop against a backdrop of smoky grays and pale rose.


    Pull two smaller ottomans together to create a tabletop for a tray of drinks and a bowl of shimmery ornaments.
    Photos: John Gruen

  • Entryway
    Playful large-scale snowflakes add major charm to an unadorned wall, and the lush garland, trimmed with asparagus ferns, offers a fresh alternative to evergreen boughs. 


    Greenery gathered from the outdoors and arranged in a tall bucket is a down-to-earth approach to seasonal flair.
    Photos: John Gruen

  • Bedroom
    Circle motifs on the wallpaper and polka-dot pillows play well together. Creamy blue, pink, and camel hues warm up the room. 


    Bold patterns in subdued colors provide a welcoming background for artwork.
    Photos: John Gruen

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