Special Nonexistent Furniture

  • Living Room
    Neutral walls provide a clean backdrop for the homeowners' seasonal trimmings. Soft white furs offer a luxe contrast to the room's wood accents. Natural ornaments—felt and birch baubles—play up the earthy vibe. 


    Lightweight chairs move easily for flexible seating arrangements. 
    Photos: Philip Ficks

  • Entryway
    Painted a bold red hue, the front door stays festive year-round. A felt garland fills the tiered server's bottom dish while the top holds treats for guests. 

    Photo: Philip Ficks

  • Kitchen
    The owners preserved the kitchen's character by keeping the original farmhouse sink and filling the shelves with vintage dishware. 


    Solid serveware—in red and green—combines for a seasonal look. 
    Photos: Philip Ficks

  • Bedroom
    Both in shades of white, a castoff  dining chair and chest of drawers flank the bed as nightstands. The mahogany four-poster bed and antique trunk add vintage flair. 


    A whimsical alternative to wall art above the bed: String a garland between two high-reaching posts. 
    Photos: Philip Ficks

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