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House Tour: A Restored New England Inn

  • Nursery

    The homeowners outfitted their son's nursery with a day bed built into a reading nook. Shelves hold books, toys, and collectibles that channel the home's New England feel. 


    Accessorize kids' bookshelves as you would other shelves in the home. Display mementos and souvenirs that coordinate with a decor theme for a cohesive look.
    Photos: Bjorn Wallander

  •  Nursery

    A collection of sailboat art establishes the nursery's nautical theme. Simple furniture and beautiful, restored wood flooring create a classic feeling.


    Cribs are available in an array of styles and finishes. Here the homeowners wanted an antique design and found a perfect, budget-friendly crib with modern safety requirements. 
    Photos: Bjorn Wallander

  • Entryway

    A modern style Eero Saarinen table displays interesting objets: a plaster bust, antique footed bowl, and glass cloche. 


    Use varying heights of cloches to build a balanced vignette. Display in an entryway with plants or photos or as a centerpiece on the dining table.
    Photos: Bjorn Wallander

  • Dining Room

    Windor style chairs surround a walnut dining table. Brass lighting fixtures are subdued with a coat of gray paint. An earthy bouquet of flowers, burlap table runner, and recycled glass jugs finish this casual yet sophisticated room. 


    Using glass accents such as these large jugs in decor will add dimension but won't crowd a room. 
    Photos: Bjorn Wallander

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