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House Tour: A Lively Cottage Revival

  • Dining Room

    ​An aged-to-perfection dining table in a vivid aqua hue and a stunning sage cupboard give the dining room shabby chic charm. A window bench is piled high with bold pillows for a pop of color and added comfort.


    The antique Hoosier cabinet is the perfect place to keep entertaining essentials, such as serving platters, crystal candlesticks, and cocktail must-haves.
    Photos: Mark Lohman

  • Living Room

    The casual slipcovered chaise and formal Louis armchair act as neutral foils to pops of crimson and flea market-inspired finds. 

    Photo: Mark Lohman

  • Bedroom

    Blue, tan, and cream bedding play off the hues in the weathered wood walls and floor. Mismatched nightstands and a turned-wood four-poster bed combine for an effortlessly eclectic feel. 


    Centered over the bed, a chandelier with crystal accents adds a refined note to the rustic space.
    Photos: Mark Lohman

  • Kitchen

    Witty cutting boards and creative storage containers add even more character to a salvaged worktable. (That vintage breadbox houses silverware!)


    White porcelain or stoneware pitchers convey a farmhouse feeling while keeping attention on the scene-stealing walls and table. 
    Photos: Mark Lohman

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