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  • pink dining room
    dining room light

    Dining Room

    Black-painted furniture offsets the sweetness of the room's pink walls. Country Living editor-in chief Sarah Gray Miller and her husband reupholstered big box chairs with vintage canvas bags for a one-of-a-kind look. Old-school portraits in mismatched frames hang cheek by jowl.


    Make virtue of a bare bulb by combining it with a cheeky decal.
    Photos: Max Kim-Bee

  • living room
    wall art

    Living Room

    A palette of grays and browns creates a neutral, yet still dramatic, backdrop for the space's cabinet-of-curiosities vibe. To avoid clutter, collections stay confined: Birdcages hang in the bay window while bowls corral snapshots on the coffee table.


    For an eclectic look, fill an entire wall with a mix of artwork and other finds: taxidermied birds, horse silhouettes, etc.
    Photos: Max Kim-Bee

  • kitchen
    kitchen shelves


    A burlap pendant lamp illuminates the island, which disguises space-saving refrigerator drawers, a dishwasher, and a microwave. All-white dinnerware looks good enough to live out in the open, while pantry staples become worthy of display when decanted into glass canisters.


    Hang open shelving above your stove for easy access to to ingredients that pack a quick flavor punch - spices, vinegars, and oils.
    Photos: Max Kim-Bee

  • bedroom


    Pale lamps, bedding, and accessories provide a welcome contrast to the sleeping quarters' dark, black-brown walls. Antique scroes - an oversized oil painting and steamer trunk - complement the vintage-inspired canopy bed.


    In this collection: a plaster of Miller and Stamolis's late dog's paw print and a vintage paper doll.
    Photos: Max Kim-Bee

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