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garden party
mushroom centerpiece
Calling all amateur botanists
and explorers! Bring an air of refinement to your next garden party by celebrating Victorian obsessions.
Want a fresh alternative to flowers? Galvanized tin pedestals elevate sheet moss to centerpiece status. Form a mounded base with floral foam - and perch a few mushroom, real or faux - on top.
Photos: Victoria Pearson

table setting
Behold the inexpensive DIY china pattern. Simply sandwich a fern frond between two glass plates. Invest in basswood slices for rustic chargers you can use again and again.

party invite
Turn plain cardstock into beautiful menus and placecards with rubber stamps that match your nature motif.

magnifying glass
Incorporate keep-forever favors into each setting. Magnifying glasses put the focus on placecards - and act as generous parting gifts.
butterfly nets
The perfect finishing touch? Mesh-and wood butterfly catchers encourage exploring. Consider them party decor that doubles as a distraction for your youngest guests.

Why stop at one signature drink when you can proffer three without lifting a finger? Here, a stacked trio of glass beverage dispensers serves strawberry-infused water, minty pink lemonade, and iced tea with lemon.
Garnish your tablescape with herbs. Tucked into apothecary jars, sprigs of dill and mint conjure an old-fashioned herbarium. To enhance a plain glass votive, tie a piece of twine around it; then slide fresh bay leaves underneath.

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