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Contech Enterprises Inc. was established in Victoria, BC in 1987 as a designer and provider of advanced animal training and control technologies for pets, their owners and gardeners worldwide. Over the years, Contech has been recognized for its award-winning products including the ScareCrow motion-activated sprinkler and the EatBetter and DrinkBetter dog bowls.

In a move which expanded the company’s reach while adhering to its commitment to the environment, Contech completed a merger with Vancouver-based Phero Tech International in May 2008. The merger added insect control products, as well as pheromone-based products for the forestry and agriculture sectors, to its product selection. Phero Tech’s long-standing reputation for excellence in these industries and strong ties to the entomology department as Simon Fraser University in Vancouver have helped the company bring a greater number of cutting-edge, science-based products to the marketplace. The newly-formed organization will do business as Contech, Inc.

Contech’s products continue to enjoy wide-spread recognition. The company’s retail sales efforts are strategically focused on gaining strong penetration into major North American markets. Commercial sales efforts in forestry and agriculture are globally focussed.


Tree Pruning Sealer ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Brush included in cap
  • Pruning seal
  • All weather sealer that provides a long lasting elastic covering on all tree wounds
  • Promotes healing, prevents excessive sap flow and excludes moisture while wounds heal on woody plants and trees
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Tree Pruning Sealer

by Contech

from $23.45

Composite Tree Ring Kit ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Eco-friendly timbers are made from recycled plastic and natural fibers
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Low maintenance
  • Composite boards are made from 38% post-consumer recycled plastic and 62% sustainable hardwood fibers

Composite Tree Ring Kit

by Contech

$189.99 $190.00
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Waspinator Rakes ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Rakes
  • Newest wasp control on the market
  • Works without toxic chemicals, or messy bait
  • Easy to use, and take along
  • It does not kill wasps, nor is it a wasp trap

Waspinator Rakes

by Contech

$13.39 $16.00

Ultrasonic Cat Stop Repellent ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Cat stop repellent
  • Material: Plastic
  • No controls or adjustments
  • Install battery and position in your garden
  • Humane and effective

Ultrasonic Cat Stop Repellent

by Contech

$88.95 $97.99
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Impulse Spike Sprinkler ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • 6 Feeding Ports
  • Protect your yard, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and water
  • Protects your yard from hungry or destructive animal intruders

Impulse Spike Sprinkler

by Contech

$73.95 $74.19
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Impulse Spike Sprinkler ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Animals quickly get out of the area and avoid it in the future

Impulse Spike Sprinkler

by Contech

$66.95 $90.00
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Rainforest 2 Way Spike Sprinkler ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Sprinkler Type: Impulse
  • Base Type: Spike
  • Sprinkler Location: In ground
  • Color: Green
  • Coverage Area: 1900

Rainforest 2 Way Spike Sprinkler

by Contech

$32.45 $34.95
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