Special Nonexistent Furniture
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  • Photo: Richard Leo Johnson
    Living Room
    The living room gets its green and lavender color inspiration from the marsh just outside the windows. To keep things from getting too overwhelming, though, the space is grounded with soothing neutrals.

  • Photo: Richard Leo Johnson
    Entry Hall
    The entry hall offers a taste of what the rest of the home has in store for visiting friends and family. The space is friendly, fresh, and nautical.

  • Photo: Richard Leo Johnson
    Dining Room
    Because the dining room is open to the main living area, the green-and-lavendar palette is continued, but in softer, more subdued colorways to keep the focus on food, friends, and family. 

  • Photo: Richard Leo Johnson
    Light blue glass subway tile adds contrast and a bit of sparkle to the kitchen. Warm hardwoods are paired with crips whites and bright hues for a clean look.

  • Photo: Richard Leo Johnson
    Guest Bedroom
    The fun, bold print on the headboard was the starting point for decorating this guest room. Blue and white bedding, sand-dollar wall art, and a glass table lamp round out the look.

  • Photo: Richard Leo Johnson
    Kids' Bedroom
    It's all about whimsy in this bedroom, which was designed with grandchildren in mind. The walls are a light and bright backdrop to pops of citrus and a string of nautical flags. Hanging the flags high makes the low ceilings seem taller.

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