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The W Retreat & Spa

Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

A rainbow of colors, hip furnishings, and winning views make this resort an optimal place to relax.

Photo: The W Retreat & Spa
This curvy, ruby red table lamp is like jewelry for your room. 
Surrounded by a Caribbean wonderland of white sand beaches, breathtaking mountains, and lush mangrove forests, The W Retreat & Spa is a secluded island paradise. Take a journey inside its exclusive style.
Oceanfront rooms boast vibrant furnishings and a private balcony or patio to take in the spectacular views.
Oversize artwork in bright, easygoing prints decorate the walls of the resort.
Woven rugs, furniture, and even light fixtures appear casually handmade and give an earthy, airy look.
This brass stool makes a unique coffee table or footrest. Fantastic as a pair!
The Spanish-inspired design of this glazed ceramic lantern will cast gorgeous shadows across your space.
Add a conversation
piece to your decor with statement seating, such as a colorful bucket chair or oversize chaise lounge.
Big enough for two, this plush lounger reclines for comfortable laying or sitting.
Get a playful vibe by mixing mod shapes with an in-your-face shade, such as citron and electric blue. 
wall art
These Suzani patterned wooden panels will add interest to your walls.
Rely on neutral colored floor- and window-coverings to tone down bold decor.
Photo: The W Retreat & Spa