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cottages at cabot cove
The Cottages at Cabot Cove
Kennebunkport, Maine
An airy ode to preppy, nautical style fills each of the 16 individual cottages at this seaside New England getaway. This one (left), called the "Float In" cottage, has it all—whitewashed paneling, stripes, and a boat load of seaworthy accessories (think signal flags, model ships, even decommissioned oars). Shop now to copy this cottage style!
wall art

Photo: The Cottages at Cabot Cove

Create a worry-free space with washable slipcovered furniture and chair cushions.
pendant light
Brass finishes on light fixtures and accessories say nautical style.


coffee table
Coffee tables with tray tops help corral spills and stray odds and ends.
jute rug
Add a nubby jute or sisal rug to keep a refined space from becoming too serious.
In rooms that do double duty, opt for a drop leaf table. Expand the leaves for dinner parties and fold them down when not in use.

cocktail napkins
Small touches, like this compass rose embroidered on a set of cocktail napkins, continue the seafaring look.
Import New England-chic into your home with sailing motifs and a classic blue and white color palette.

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