Special Nonexistent Furniture
The Attwater
Newport, Rhode Island
  • Funky patterns and bright hues turn up the volume in this boutique bed and breakfast in Newport, Rhode Island. As nod to New England's nautical history, the classic coastal color combo—navy and white—gets a trendy update in this cool suite. Shop now to copy this vibrant style!

Pull color palette inspiration from a bold pattern in the room, like this groovy upholstered headboard.
Pair a patterned headboard with solid colored bedding to streamline the look.

Add sparkle with a pair of mercury glass lamps. You'll love how they reflect light!
window treatment
For a wow-factor, look no further than floor-to-ceiling curtains in a captivating geometric print.

Small profile slipper chairs can have a big impact when upholstered in eye-catching colors and patterns.
Mix geometric, floral, and retro prints for an eclectic and one-of-a-kind look.

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