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SLS South Beach
South Beach, Miami
Much like the city itself, the SLS South Beach's tower penthouse is a lively fusion of traditional, contemporary, and global styles. From the laid-back loungers to the buttoned-up dining area, there's something for everyone in this space. A wall-to-wall gallery of framed artwork continues the eclectic feel. Shop below to bring this stylish look into your home!

Mix patterns easily by varying the scale, but keeping the same colors throughout.
The combination of traditional tufting and the contemporary orange hue keeps these dining chairs current.

Add sparkle to a black and white palette with brass finishes on end tables, lighting, chairs, and more.
Low-to-the-ground leather lounge chairs create a casual-chic vibe.

Install curtains close to the ceiling to add height to
​ the room. 
Break up bold patterns with large furniture in solid colors, such as sofas and accent chairs.

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