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Loews Don CeSar Hotel
St. Pete Beach, Florida
Indulge in the luxurious accommodations of the Loews Don CeSar Hotel—icons like Elton John and F. Scott Fitzgerald have. Many of the resort's guestrooms have stunning views of sugar-sand shores, but it's their refined decor (inspired by the colorful beaches outside) that will leave you feeling completely relaxed. Shop now to recreate this sophisticated coastal look!

Photo: Loews Don CeSar Hotel

Pull your color scheme from nature! This airy bedroom has hints of ocean blue, sandy brown, and bright cloud white.
duvet set
A subtle tone-on-tone striped duvet is the ideal backdrop for a rainbow of pillows, shams, and blankets.

Opt for an understated animal print rug in a neutral shade to add interest to any room.
Chrome accents on lamps, mirrors, and drawer hardware bring in a
​bit of sparkle.

Sheets and shams with embroidered details add a touch of luxury.
Stick with light wood and white finishes on furniture pieces to create a breezy coastal feel.

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