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Hotel Guanahani & Spa

St. Barts

A radiant color scheme and French Creole decor have given this classic hotel a bright makeover.

Photo: Hotel Guanahani & Spa
orange boxes
1970 Collection Fab Trinket Box Wolf Designs $90.00 (prices vary)
A hammered copper accent table will add a little shimmer to your space.
Escape to the Caribbean, where the brilliant blue sea
and sky are awaiting you. Uncover the incredible style of Hotel Guanahani & Spa, set on a private peninsula.
The sizable oceanview suites feature sunny terraces and splashes of aqua, tangerine, and fuchsia.
A variety of finishes—rich hardwood floors, casual rattan chairs, and whitewashed beams—lend a layered look.
A turquoise headboard, eggshell blue bedding, and blue area rug drive home the Caribbean color palette.
wall sconce
A swing arm wall sconce is perfect for reading in bed.
A trendy overdyed treatment in cerulean blue makes for an eye-catching area rug.
For easy living and flexible style, bring outdoor furniture indoors, and vice versa.
Indoors or out, this chair with double-walled caning detail has a tailored look.
Decorate with hues across from each other on the color wheel. Shades of blue and orange are a natural pairing.
wood chandelier
This custom-made wood chandlier adds natural elegance.
Mix soft and shiny finishes throughout your room for a balanced feel.
Photo: Hotel Guanahani & Spa