Special Nonexistent Furniture
Hotel Casa del Mar
Santa Monica, California
Warm and cozy, this shorefront sanctuary—just steps from the sand—offers seclusion from the hustle and bustle of Santa Monica. The resort's suites are a sunny mix of laid-back beachy style and upscale sophistication. Kick up your feet in the presidential suite (left) and watch the sun set over the Pacific. (You have near-panoramic ocean views.) Shop now to copy this breezy SoCal look!


Bring the California sun indoors with a golden color scheme.

A traditional arm chair gets a relaxed makeover with all-weather fabric and wicker construction.

garden stool
Opt for double duty furniture to achieve a casual vibe. This garden stool can be an end table and an extra chair.
For low-key appeal, think slipcovered seating. Just toss the cover in the wash when it gets dirty!

Accents with subtle beach-inspired prints are a cool way to import coastal style without going overboard.
Create a carefree, informal feel with linen upholstery on seating, ottomans, and even bedding.

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