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Casual and Serene Waterfront Deck
Kick up your feet on the contemporary, cabana-chic deck of this Southampton, N.Y. home.
From the playful lounge chair to the no-fuss dining space, this outdoor living area is all about relaxing in style. Bright accents and plants infuse color into the the neutral palette, while fun, functional furniture makes entertaining (and cleanup) a breeze. Shop now to recreate the look of this peaceful patio!

Photo: Laura Moss

Combine different materials such as wood, wicker, and metal furniture for an eclectic look. 
Storage baskets with handles are the ideal home for beach towels, toys, and more—just grab and go when you're heading outside.

Use outdoor pillows in fade-resistant fabrics, like Sunbrella, to brighten up any porch or patio. 
Outdoor rugs make patio seating and dining areas feel as comfy and stylish their indoor counterparts. 

These interlocking tiles are teak, so they'll weather to a silvery gray hue, like the decking on this porch.
Group together small tabletop planters filled with succulents for a simple, yet stunning centerpiece.

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