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breezy contemporary living room
This sophisticated summer retreat
in Fire Island, N.Y., takes airy and contemporary style to a new level.
A neutral color scheme keeps the focus on the stunning, near-panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Lots of windows and airy white decor bring the outside in, while updated furnishings lend a clean feeling to the space. Shop now to recreate this casual, yet refined look!
coffee table

Photo: Jonny Valiant

Add a burst of color to a neutral space with small accents for a jolt of energy.
area rug
A pale gray zebra-print rug adds interest without overtaking the rest of the decor.

Opt for streamlined, armless chairs like this one to create a casual dining space.
glass table
A rectangular, all-glass table doesn't add weight to the room, yet provides lots of seating for large gatherings.

For an effortless centerpiece, gather a collection of silver and glass candlesticks.
Pick transparent and reflective surfaces (glass tables, mirrored accents, silver lamps) to reflect light and keep the open space from feeling too crowded.

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