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Beach House

Providenciales,Turks & Caicos

Breathtaking beauty, inside and out, is the key to this mellow boutique hotel. 

Photo: Beach Hotel
White linen curtains are cool, crisp, and breezy.
Say goodbye to daily stresses and hello to cerulean seas, powdery white sands, and straightforward coastal design that will have you feeling right at home. Explore the relaxing look of Beach House, Grace Bay's first boutique hotel.
Suites—with names, not numbers—are bedecked in a calming palette of sky blue, fresh white, and sandy tan. 
Casual textures, such as rattan, linen, and weathered wood, insist this is a place where you can unwind.
Comfy sofas, terrace daybeds, and poolside loungers invite you to sink in and do nothing at all.
The inset metal drawer pulls on this nautical-inspired table evoke a sea captain's quarters.
This pair of wood candlesticks, painted a distressed ivory, create a dramatic display.
Count on stripes for a pleasing pattern that's always a fit with laidback beach style. 
Clean, straight lines combine with slipcovers for a chair that's the essence of easy style.
Bring interest to a corner with oversize versions of home accessories, such as vases and candlesticks. 
The fronts of these distressed-finish dresser drawers are shaped like waves.
Replace your entertainment center with a dresser that fits your style and is full of storage. 
Photo: Beach Hotel