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Aquatic Biotechnologies, Inc.Clear Pond Products manufactures and sells a line of products that naturally and safely improve the quality of pond water and are safe for fish, animals, plants and people.

Clear Pond Beneficial Bacteria was first sold to the pond hobbyist market in 1978 and is the technological leader in the concept of natural pond care. Prior to the hobbyist market, Clear Pond developed specific microbes for use in the aquaculture industry. Their products aid nature to improve oxygen content in the water, safely reduce aquatic weeds, control algae, eliminate foul odors, reduce fish kills and reduce bottom sediment without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

Clear Pond's product line is a mix of organic treatments that aid and boost the natural ecosystem of ponds and lakes to keep them clear, clean and healthy. They also carry a line of hard goods, such as weed barriers and various types of aerators and air pumps.

Clear Pond