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CitiKitty Inc. was founded in 2005 by entrepreneur Rebecca Rescate. Rescate founded CitiKitty after moving into a small apartment in New York City. Having no place to hide her cat's litter box, she decided to toilet train her.

Rescate read countless toilet training success stories, mostly using homemade devices, but could not find an easy-to-use cost effective toilet training kit. She knew the process could be simplified. Realizing that most cat owners don't have the time to become a cat toilet training expert, she created the first complete toilet training kit available to cat owners worldwide - CitiKitty.

After hundreds of internet and newspaper write-ups, radio interviews, and television appearances, CitiKitty expanded it's product offerings in 2009 to include unique and hard-to-find cat products. After 4 years of feedback from customers we feel we have become a little bit of an expert in what cat owners are looking for.