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Calliope Games

At Calliope they develop and publish tabletop games for the "Family". Calliope is focused on pulling families and friends back to the recreation room table in an era where occupations and digital mediums are constantly soaking up each minute of one's day. It is their intent to facilitate communication of families and their relationships through analog tabletop gaming experiences. As such, Calliope is very aware of the burdens created by today's economy. The reality is they are changing the way families are allocating their entertainment dollars. All Calliope games are priced to meet those restraints and retail at or under $30. More importantly, the games are fun for the entire family! In most instances, their games entertain 2 to 6 players and sometimes up to 8. They always play in under 60 min., but typically play in 40 min. or less. They are accessible by players of 8 years of age and up; in other words, they do our best to write the rules so that children as young as 8 years of age can read and understand the game without the direction of Mom and Dad. The key is this... Calliope branded games are games that Mom and Dad will prefer to play after the kids have long gone to bed. Calliope welcomes you to experience "Super Sized Family Fun!" through Calliope Games!