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California Innovations

When California Innovations opened their doors in 1986, it was with a pretty simple idea: to make products that people loved. In those days, the company had no grand plan to become the world’s largest supplier of insulated products – most days, they were just trying to keep the lights on. California Innovations focused on making great products that were unique, practical and had integrity. Their coolers and lunch bags were like nothing else out there – insulated for better performance, more versatile, and much easier to use. And before long, people started to take notice. So the company grew, a lot. They acquired the Arctic Zone® brand and soon after began licensing Columbia® products. Now, nearly 25 years later, California Innovations have offices worldwide and a large team of product designers, graphic designers, fashion and trend experts, marketing folks, and quality control and safety experts. But, they haven’t changed what they've tried to do since the beginning: create the best soft sided insulated products in the world.