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Types and Styles of Wall Sconces Guide

Wall sconce guide
Just as with table lamps and floor lamps, there are wall lights to suit every style. Most often used in bathrooms and hallways, wall sconces can act as decorative accents and provide additional lighting in any room. In this guide we take a look at four popular styles and six types of wall sconces.
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This style often features ornate detailing, reflecting the styles of the past. Popular elements of traditional sconces are tiffany shades and crystals which reflect light in their own unique, beautiful ways. With a formal appearance, traditional wall sconces will add an upscale feeling to any décor style. Though it will fit in seamlessly with traditional interiors.

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These sconces have a sleek, streamlined feel. They're simple rather than ornate. Modern/contemporary wall sconces often feature polished silver-colored metals. These light fixtures blend in best with modern or contemporary interiors. However, any décor style looking for a touch of minimalism could use one of these sconces. 

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A mixture of modern/contemporary and traditional, transitional wall sconces are not as sleek and minimalistic as modern. Instead, sconces in a traditional style, feature a toned-down version of traditional detailing. These sconces can fit in with most décor styles.

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Distressed finishes, darker colors, and animal motifs typify this style of wall sconce. Rustic wall sconces are best suited for rustic and lodge interiors, but can add a touch of character to any décor.

Wall Sconce Types

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Down Light

By directing the light downward, this type of sconce grounds the room. If your room is large and airy, a down light can help make the space feel warm and inviting. Many of these lights can be mounted up or down, giving you the option to choose. Just look for lights that have "can be mounted up or down" in the product description.

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Up Light

This type of sconce casts light upward onto the ceiling, making the room appear larger. This type of light would be ideal for a living room, dining room, hallway, or entryway. Oftentimes wall sconces can be mounted up or down, look for "can be mounted up or down" in the product description.

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Up/Down Light

By casting light in both directions, this type of wall sconce adds balanced light to the room.

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Reminiscent of the first wall sconces, which held real burning candles, this type of wall sconce can be found in all styles, from rustic to modern. Oftentimes, candle wall sconces will have shades covering the bulb. Candle lights cast a small amount of light, creating an intimate, cozy feel.

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Swing Arm

This type of wall sconce is made so that the position of the light is adjustable. Swing arm wall lights are suited for reading nooks, nurseries, and bedsides, where flexible lighting is necessary.

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Picture Lights

This type of sconce showcases wall art by shining light on the painting or picture. A picture light will draw guests' eyes to the piece.

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