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Top Recliner Styles

A recliner can be the most comfortable seat in the house bringing coziness and relaxation into your home. The first step in selecting your recliner is determining which style best fits your décor and needs. To help in your selection, here's more information on the top three most popular recliner styles.

1. Traditional Two-Position Recliners

This type of chair features two seating positions: upright and recline. To recline fully, be sure to release the footrest with the touch of a button or lever, often located at the chairs' side. While a more budget-friendly option compared to other reclining styles, two-position recliners are somewhat limited in color, fabric, and design choices. Note that this style is better suited for larger spaces since it requires considerably more room for the footrest and reclining position. 


2. Rocker Recliners

One of the more popular styles available, this recliner rocks back and forth while seated upright. Available in an assortment of reclining options and angles, the recliner also has different types of handle options. Known as a "wall-saver" recliner, this style is ideal for smaller spaces. It takes up very little space allowing the user to mix and match existing furniture pieces. 


3. Push-Back Recliners

Also referred to as "flex-back" recliner, all you need to do is push your back into the seat and the chair will recline, hands-free. Most push-back recliners feature an ottoman. This ottoman acts as a foot rest or extra seating for guests. Often available in leather, this recliner is considered one of the more stylish in the recliner family.

When deciding on a recliner, measure the space it will live in based on the dimensions of the chair when it's fully reclined. 

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