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Ottoman Style Guide

Frequently, ottomans are thought of as simply footrests, but they're actually extremely multifunctional pieces of furniture that can act as additional seating, an occasional table, or even provide storage. From small, circular storage ottomans to large, rectangular coffee table ottomans, these handy and beautiful accents are hard to pass up. We've broken down six popular styles to keep in mind when shopping for your own ottoman.

1. Standard Ottoman

A traditional style, this standard ottomans simple design serves as an accent or foot rest. Available in all shapes, sizes, and colors, this style doesn't have any special features such as storage. 


2. Coffee Table Ottoman

Designed to be sturdy and stain-resistant, a table ottoman is a multifunctional and space- efficient furniture piece because it's two pieces in one. In most cases, table ottomans paired with a sofa fit into any style from a classic vibe to a modern designed space. Sometimes, coffee table ottomans come with individual ottomans or seats that tuck beneath the table top and can be pulled out whenever they're needed.


3. Storage Ottoman

Commonly used in spaces such as living rooms and play rooms a storage ottoman is a handy piece of furniture that serves as extra storage space, seating, or a place to rest your feet. Not only do storage ottomans feature a removable or lift-up top, but some styles include side drawers that open on each side for more storage space. Popular materials for storage ottomans are leather and wicker. It's also common to see them with a handy tray top. 


4. Pouf Ottoman

If you're looking for an easy way to add playful color or instant visual interest to your space, a light-weight pouf ottoman is your best bet. Unlike traditional ottomans, poufs don't have any legs. Made out of fabric and leather, there are endless style options, such as knitted cubed ottomans, round leather ottomans, and oval patterned ottomans. They also come in endless shapes and sizes.  


5. Tufted Ottoman

The decorative detailing of button- or stitch-tufting gives an ottoman an elegant, class look.  Like other ottomans, tufted ottomans come in different colors, sizes, and functions. Available in multiple styles—from a pouf, storage, or coffee table ottoman—select the style that best fits your needs. 


6. Sleeper Ottoman

Ideal for small-space living, a sleeper ottoman is a bigger version of a storage ottoman and holds a pull-out bed. Use this ottoman in a living room or bedroom to accommodate sleeping guests—or yourself! When the pull-out bed is not in use, the large ottoman adds extra seating to your room.   

Rule of Thumb: Make sure you measure the height of your sofa before you shop for an ottoman. Find an ottoman that is the exact height of your sofa seat or slightly below. Anything above the height of your sofa seat will make for an uncomfortable footrest.

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