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Headboard Buying Guide

When choosing a headboard, first determine the proper size. Then, find a style—practical or decorative—that complements the rest of your decor. Follow this guide to find out what headboard will work in your bedroom.

Standard Headboard Sizes

While there are no fixed standard heights, headboards are fitted to the width of a mattress ranging from 38 to 76 inches. 

Mattress SizeMeasurments
TwinAt least 38" wide and 75" long
Full/DoubleAt least 54" wide and 72" long
Queen At least 60" wide and 80" long
KingAt least 76" wide and 80" long
California KingAt least 72" wide and 84" long

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Headboard Materials

1. Upholstered

Upholstered headboards come in leather, fabric, and velvet. The added padding makes it more comfortable to lean against than other headboard materials. Upholstering can be plain or include added details such as button tufting, nail-head trims, welting, or patterns. The detailing can form a border along the edge of the headboard or a few inches in. Upholstered headboards rich and soft materials offer a more feminine look.

2. Wood

A traditional material, wood headboards come in a dark, light, and medium tones. The most common wood materials are pine and oak. Wooden headboards can be carved to look sleek, curved, or ornate complementing any room's décor. This type of headboard is typically mounted to a metal bed frame.

3. Metal

Metal headboards come in various metals such as: brass, wrought iron, brushed aluminum, and stainless steel. Extremely durable, this type of headboard is typically made with metal rods instead of solid pieces of material. When left sleek and minimalist, metal headboards can look contemporary. If metal beds are antiqued or distressed, they can give a room a vintage vibe.

Headboard Examples

Panel Headboard


A panel headboard is typically arranged within a rectangular frame that has two or three panels of equal sizes. The headboard design varies based on detailing—which includes carved or etched—and the type of finishes or paints.  

Bookcase Headboard


Ideal for small space living, a bookcase headboard acts as a functional storage space. Many (if not all) styles include shelves and drawers. With plenty of room to hold smaller accessories—such as books and alarm clocks—a bookshelf headboard helps make a bedroom clutter-free. 

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Always slightly curved, a sleigh headboard features an upper backboard or backrest that resembles the shape of a sleigh. The subtle curves and simple shape help add visual interest to a bedroom. Oftentimes considered a more traditional style, some are available with or without headboard wings, and detailed carvings or trims.

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Tufted headboards can be upholstered in many types of fabric such as leather, velvet, and linen. The fabric doesn't have to be solid, it can also be patterned or textured. Tufting is made with a series of buttons or stitching techniques that creates depth and dimension to the headboard. It's available in multiple shapes, from a basic rectangle to curvy. 

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