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Guide to Common Sofa Styles

Rolled arms, tufting, loose cushions, exposed legs ... It's easy to name the features you like best in a sofa, but how do they all fit together? Whether you're looking for a comfy sofa that fits your casual lifestyle or a more tailored design with clean lines, you can narrow your search by focusing on the styles that have withheld the test of time. Here are those seven classic sofa styles. 

1. Bridgewater

A Bridgewater sofa is the most casual of looks with low, softly rolled arms and a high back. This style usually has a loose seat, loose back cushions, and a skirt.


2. Camelback

A camelback sofa is a more traditional, formal style. It has a tight, curving back, high rolled arms, and often a tight seat. Sometimes, a camelback sofa has exposed legs.


3. Chesterfield

A chesterfield is a tailored look from the 1920s. This sofa is a tufted style with rolled arms and back that are the same height. 


4. English

This style is a classic 1820s-era English sofa. It has a very low and deep seat with loose seat T-cushions, and upholstered back, and curved arms. 


5. Lawson

A Lawson sofa has a low, squarish back with arms that are lower than the back. The arms can be square or rolled.


6. Slipper

A slipper sofa is an armless sofa. It is the longer version of the slipper chair.


7. Tuxedo

A tuxedo sofa has high, straight arms and a back of the same height. Its cushions are usually all loose.

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