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Wood & Pellet Stove Buying Guide

Forget about those bulky stoves of years past—modern wood stoves come in a variety of efficient and money-saving options. Wood stoves offer the coziness of a hearth fireplace with a warmer, more efficient, and easier to control flame. By using less wood than a fireplace and having a correctly installed exhaust, wood stoves can have a much higher efficiency rate than a standard fireplace. Whether you're looking to heat the whole house or convert an existing fireplace, here's all the information you need to choose the right wood stove for your space. 
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Pellet vs. Wood Stoves
Most stove designs come in two types of fuel options. Pellet stoves use small sawdust or corn pellets as fuel for a clean and efficient heating alternative with a longer burn time. For a more traditional option, modern wood-burning stoves offer different levels of efficiency with an abundance of new technology.

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Inserts and Builder Boxes
Most inserts use wood pellets as fuel with doors and a blower to circulate warm air efficiently. This design offers a great option for updating an older masonry fireplace or as an insert into a modern fireplace. As a cleaner and more fuel-efficient alternative to a traditional fireplace, inserts or builder boxes provide an ideal supplemental heating option.

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Radiant Stoves
Radiant stoves often feature decorative glass fronts surrounded by welded steel or cast iron, and can use radiant, conduction, or convection to produce heat. Make sure to determine the best size stove for your room or home for the most efficient set-up.

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Circulating Stoves
With the main stove encased in an outer shell or cabinet, circulating stoves offer a cool exterior safe for kids and pets. Some models feature cooking options--especially convenient for when the power goes out.

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Warm Air Furnaces
For a house heating system, warm air furnaces can connect to existing ductwork and offer additional heating for your home. This wood stove option offers thermostat convenience, additional heat distribution, and potential savings on traditional heating energy costs.

Always check with your insurance company and local codes to see if there are any wood stove efficiency requirements in your area.