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Popular Dining Table Styles

dining table guide
A dining table provides a place to gather at the end of the day or to celebrate during special occasions. As such, it's the focal point of any dining room. We define the characteristics of four main styles of kitchen and dining tables to make your search for the perfect table easier.
dining table

1. Traditional

Ornate detailing, like turned legs and carvings, and dark solid wood are common features of traditional dining tables. Often considered formal furniture, traditional dining tables can come in a variety of shapes.

dining table

2. Contemporary/Modern

Minimalist lines typify contemporary and modern dining tables. Tables that feature glass tops and metal bases are common, but sleek all-wood tables are also popular.

dining table

3. Transitional

Often combining traditional and contemporary styles, transitional dining tables feature traditional materials and shapes with sleek lines. Transitional dining tables are often used in kitchens and breakfast nooks because of their more casual appearance.

country dining table

4. Country/Rustic

The defining characteristic of country and rustic dining tables is a distressed finish. Rustic and country tables sometimes feature weathered wood and painted finishes that appear chipped. Country tables can also have feminine details like turned and curvy legs.

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