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Mattress Pad and Topper Guide

mattress pad guide
Mattress pads and toppers provide additional comfort for a good night's sleep. They also protect the mattress and help prolong its life by providing a removable and washable layer between the sheets and the mattress. In this guide, we break down important mattress topper and pad materials, types, and features.

Common Mattress Pad and Topper Materials

FeatherFeathers are used as a fill material. Feather beds provide natural support and are slightly firmer than fiber beds. Some feather beds are primarily filled with goose or duck feathers with 5% down feathers. Though there are down-topped feather beds, which are topped with a layer of mostly or 100% down feathers for added softness and comfort. Note that some people are allergic to down feathers.
Memory FoamMemory foam is a temperature-sensitive material that evenly distributes weight for a comfortable night's rest. This material is hypoallergenic.
Fiber/PolyesterTypically filled with allergen-free polyester, a fiber or polyester bed is ideal for allergy sufferers.
CottonCotton can be used as a fill or outer cover in mattress pads and toppers. Cotton is cooler and more absorbent than a polyester/cotton blend.
WoolEither used as a fill or cover material, wool wicks away moisture and helps keep sleepers comfortable.

Common Mattress Pad and Topper Features

HeaterSome mattress pads and toppers come with a built-in heated blanket. This is ideal for colder climates and those who prefer a warm bed.
DensityThe denser the pad or topper, the firmer it will feel while you sleep.
WaterproofWaterproof pads or toppers give additional protection by keeping liquids from reaching the mattress.

Common Mattress Pad and Topper Types

anchor mattress pad


This type of mattress pad or topper only covers the top of the mattress. It is secured in place by four elastic bands, one at each corner. This is usually the least expensive mattress pad or topper.

fitted mattress pad


A fitted mattress pad or topper has elastic side panels that cover the side of the mattress and wrap under the mattress to secure the pad or topper in place. It's important to buy the correct size of fitted pad or topper for your mattress. Fitted toppers or pads often come in an "extra deep" size to fit deeper mattresses.

mattress pad


Another layer of pillow-like material provides added comfort and softness to any bed. A pillow-top pad can add years to the life of an old mattress.

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