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How to Choose Bathroom Tile Colors

Colors can make or break the look of your room, so it's important to pick the perfect tile color for your bathroom. From glass tiles to natural stones, there's a colored tile that will fit your personal taste and room's theme. When deciding on a tile color, there are many factors to consider before installing tile on your floor, walls, or showers. To help you get started, we share handy tips and decorating ideas. Read on to find out more.

Choosing a Location and Tile Type

As soon as you choose the designated installation area, you'll be able to narrow down styles and materials based on your needs and taste. For example, consider stone, ceramic, or porcelain tile if you're installing tile on counters or floors. Opt for glass tile for a wall or backsplash. Below are a few popular tile options to consider: 

Tile Types

  • ​Glass: A popular choice for bathrooms, glass tiles come in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Although glass tile is a bit more expensive compared to other tile options, it features a shiny surface that adds a polished look to your space. 
  • Ceramic: Typically less expensive than glass tile, ceramic tile is ideal for damp environments like the bathroom. Easy to clean and install, ceramic tiles feature a surface that decals can adhere to (like in a kids' bathroom) or easily be painted if you want to redecorate in the future.
  • Stone: For a more neutral look, consider stone tile with a natural feel and organic patterns. Pebble and rock tiles offer a unique and textural touch to your bathroom. 
  • Porcelain: Porcelain tile is an expensive option featuring a dense, hard surface. It is ideal for bathroom spaces because it is not very absorbent. 

​Get more information on tile types by reading our Tiles Material Guide

If you're tiling the bathroom floor, consider a mottled pattern tile. Its textured surface can withstand lots of traffic. Also, it features a mix of various colors making it hard to see dirt and scuff marks.

Pick a Color Palette

After picking a tile material, research the available color options. There are three important things to keep in mind: the size of your space, room theme, and the style of your fixtures. If you are installing around existing fixtures—like a vanity, sink, or wall light—choose a tile that complements the rest of the space. For example, the mosaic tile in the above left image complements the transitional raised basin, as well as the dark wood vanity finish.

  • For small bathrooms, consider installing tile in light colors like soft pastels and neutrals. These subtle shades will make a small space feel extra big. Consider installing this hue option in a guest bathroom or a powder room. 
  • For large bathrooms, you can get away with darker, more saturated hues, like navy and deep browns. Consider brighter hues if your bathroom gets a lot of light or is an oversized master bathroom.  
If you need help choosing a color palette, use the color wheel as a point of reference. For more information, read our Home Color Guide for Beginners. Or, browse our bathroom spaces in Shop the Look for inspiration. 

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